Work instructions

Work instructions are the cornerstone of standardization. Without standardization you have chaos.

But what are work instructions? A work instructions describes the step-by-step activities or actions a person should take to achieve a precise goal, for example -

  • Assembling a product
  • Carrying out maintenance on a machine
  • Providing training to new employee’s

Work instructions can help you convey any of your processes at any level of your organization. Ideally, your instructions should contain pictures, videos and text. All your work instructions should be available digitally so they can be easily accessed anywhere in the world.

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Work instructions keep your know-how safe and sound

Work instructions provide a standard way to document and present knowledge and information in a logical way. Your employee’s who produce the highest quality products in the shortest amount of time will have an abundance of tips and tricks, which if spread across your entire staff will generate a significant increases in productivity. And, if and when an employee figures out a new best practice, their knowledge can be safely stored within your work instructions and communicated globally.

Productivity maximized

Knowing exactly how long a task takes means you can accurately plan your activities and also monitor them to make sure you are staying on track. Therefore as you execute your plan, any discrepancies can be flagged up and resolved proactively rather than after the event. With work instructions all of this is made possible by standardizing your activities and allocating them a run time. With this in hand you can make logical improvements to your processes to ensure you always perform to your highest levels. Productivity, Quality and Profit are all known and therefore actively controllable.

Quality Controlled

With work instructions you standardize your process. Sometimes, you also standardize your defects. But that isn’t a bad thing (in the short term!). You are then able to update your work instructions to eliminate that defect, forever. Your work instructions also create a stable platform from which you can build upon. You know your starting point and you can make step by step improvements to further improve your quality (or productivity) in a controlled methodology.

Continuous Improvement or Kaizen

Having work instructions in place means you can implement a kaizen or continuous improvement process and push your results higher and higher. You know your process. You know your results. You know how to make things better, step by step. Don’t dream about the perfect process you can implement, take action each day to get closer and closer to your ideal solution.


VKS is at its core a work instruction solution. It gives you the capability to create your work instructions in a visual, digital format, and to share them instantly on any device running a modern web browser. VKS is intuitive and easy to use, so what are you waiting for? Book a demo today and begin your journey towards true standardization and continuous improvement.

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