Digital Work Instructions

VKS makes it easy for companies to throw out paper work instructions & transform into a digital factory.

Smart Factory Benefits

Our visual work instruction solution offers a wide range of benefits such as:

standardize your Process

Go Paperless

No paper required! Create digital work instructions with better results.

Reduce Defects

Improve Quality

In-process quality checks to help reduce your defects by up to 95%.

Increase Productivity

Increase Productivity

Standardize best practices and increase productivity by 20%.

Guaranteed Traceability

Complete Traceability

Get real-time process control and 100% guaranteed traceability.

Real Time Data

Real Time Data

Accelerate & improve the accuracy of your operational decision-making.

Reduce Training Time

Reduce Training Time

Capture tribal knowledge and eliminate the skills gap.

Some of Our Clients



Our clients believe in us. Here is what a few of them are saying!


"Shortly after the adoption of VKS, Jabil Advanced Mechanical Solutions went through a systematic implementation by targeting the most problematic areas first. Today we are graced with a high quality, highly productive organization that produces standardized products and continues to impress our customers with our high levels of process control.”

Adolfo Wriedt
Quality Manager


"If we diligently document assembly instructions, we can nearly eliminate training altogether. It is wonderful. It makes our production so scalable. All we have to do to produce more is add a computer and bring in labour. Every day your software gets better, and I love it."

Jaron Lefler
Process Engineering Manager

Reseau d'amelioration

“Finally, a solution has been provided that keeps work instruction creation as lean as possible, while harnessing and eliminating the black hole of the human labor force, in any operational setting.”

Michel Labrecque


"VKS has helped in getting product out on time and with less errors. We can't wait to put it in place through out the whole shop."

‎Scott Electronics‎

ATM Rail

“We really appreciate that our data is in one place and that serial numbers could be used afterwards in the report search filter, allowing us to trace all our parts when needed.”

Jim McInroy
Engineering Manager

RAB Lighting

“The pass rate for in-process inspection has increased 13% for VKS users”

Arlyn Rosa
Production Manager RAB West

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