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VKS Goes International!

What can we say, last year was an amazing year for VKS! Aside from releasing our long-awaited feature, DataConnect, developing workstations (first showcased at tradeshows, available soon to the public in 2020), or updating our website (hope you noticed our new sleek design), we have also opened a new office across the pond. We are now introducing a brand new location in Edinburgh, Scotland, The IoT Development Center!

VKS Manufacturing Training

4 Ways To Tackle Manufacturing Training with VKS (And 6 Real-Life Examples)

The ability to share knowledge with speed and efficiency is a quintessential part of succeeding in the manufacturing industry. For most companies, the greatest knowledge transfer comes through training as it plays a pivotal role in the entrance of a new employee within an organization. But despite its high importance, manufacturing training is often perceived as a burden by the existing workforce.

New in VKS Connect: DataConnect!

Gather around the VKS water cooler as we proudly announce the newest addition to the VKS Connect line-up: DataConnect! On top of helping manufacturers capitalize on existing data, VKS DataConnect also detects issues that arise during the manufacturing process. With DataConnect, you can rest assured that your standard for high quality is maintained for every assembled product.

Top 3 Benefits of Industry 4.0 & Machining

Ready to dive into VKS?Just one day before Halloween, we will be hosting a webinar covering the “Top 3 Benefits of Industry 4.0 & Machining”.

Join us on October 30th at 2pm as we go over how to create standard user instructions for machining parts and deburring after the machining process. See how easy it is to combine pictures, text, and video to create a streamlined process, while also collecting critical data like serial numbers, program numbers, and quality checklists.

Learn How to Go Digital in 60 Minutes or Less!

Are you currently using paper work instructions and looking for digital alternatives? This is the perfect webinar for you! Spero Zervos, our Customer Success Manager and Industry expert, will demonstrate how to go paperless in 60 minutes or less!

Join our webinar, The Digital Factory: Going Paperless In 60 Minutes or Less on August 21st, 2pm EST, where Spero Zervos will give you a first-hand look of the VKS software.

In this webinar, we will cover: